Saturday, 11 August 2012

Workforce Planning Profile Interviews 2012 - Blair Murphy (1 of 4)

As alluded to previously, over the next few weeks I will be showcasing some high level expert workforce planners from around the world.

This is the 1st in the series of interviews showcasing great workforce planners from across the world. You can read the other three here; Ritesh Parswani, Adrian Hawes, Carlos Muñoz

My hope is that these interviews can really help provide educate the contact centre industry regarding what skills are required, provide some deeper insights into the real experience of being in WFP, and help promote workforce planning as a fully developed profession in its own right.

These series of interviews have been conducted in conjunction with NextStep WFP - who provide workforce planning as a managed service and are real experts in this field.

The first interview has been hosted on NextStep site and showcases Blair Murphy, Resource Planning Manager at BUPA Australia. This is a highly recommended read follow the link here