Monday, 22 October 2012

Scheduling Software - Delivering Business Results

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Scheduling Software - Delivering Business Results

Productivity is the main driver of call center operations, and yet many call centers still manage their staff scheduling using antiquated systems, like spreadsheets. As those call centers grow, so do the spreadsheets and their complexity. This leads to falling productivity as more and more resources are committed to scheduling.

Call Center Scheduling SoftwareAdvantages

  • Staff ManagementYou can upload a full staff list to good call center scheduling software, and assign job titles and even specific skill sets to each member of staff. This allows for pinpoint accuracy when it comes to developing staffing plans that need to cater to a range of client requirements.
  • Schedule DevelopmentSimple user interfaces in the form ofwizardsallow you to program call center scheduling software in an intuitive way. That means it's quick to learn how to set up even the most complex shift patterns, and once the information is in the systemit's even faster to tweak those patterns if staff availability or operational requirements change.
  • Communication of SchedulesYour call center scheduling software should enable simple communication of schedules to management and individual agents. This can be done by automating both SMS and E-mail alerts to the individual and their manager, so there are no excuses regarding when someone is expected on shift.
  • Management of AbsenceWhether it's a holiday or a period of sickness, if an agent can log on to your software from anywhere, they can keep you up to date with why they won't be in the office. In the case of major epidemic, of say the flu, you can quickly rework schedules so that your operation always has appropriate cover.
  • Automated ReportingWhen you have all your attendance and shift data in one database, it's simple to generate reports for each department. Your payroll team doesn’t need to rely on a complex paper trail to generate accurate payments for staff, and your HR team can monitor absence or holiday accrual simply with a single click of a button.
About Otipo
Otipo™ Pulse – Real-Time Workforce Analytics for shift based organizations, is a revolutionary tool for productivity improvement, based on the ongoing analysis and collection of data from employees and management.
Otipo™ Pulse is built on a shift-scheduling platform (Otipo's or others), and captures regular, ongoing input from employees and managers to provide REAL-TIME, ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS. Otipo’s Human Dimension Algorithm provides continuous monitoring and analysis of scheduling data and employee satisfaction.
Otipo’s unique approach enables the dynamic management of the human dimension of your business, resulting in increased productivity and ROI.  
Otipo provides management expertise, with emphasis on HR operations management, organizational consulting, and the development of advanced software solutions.