Saturday, 16 March 2013

Q&A - inputs you use for long term forecasting

I've recently joined the WFM function at a Banking contact centre in the Middle East as a planner. I was wanting to know what inputs you use for long term forecasting and if you could share a template you use. Also for capacity planning purposes do you measure annual, bi-annual, quarterly attrition rates or get the data from HR? -Irfan
Congratz on the new job!! I would happy to answer questions and offer advise but I am afraid I can't share any templates as these are owned by my employers. In terms of your question on attrition, like all assumptions and forecast inputs the granularity that you track and forecast forward on all depends on the variance and fluctuation. Personally I would track and forecast at monthly level which in my opinion, for any good capacity plan, should be your minimum anyway. Where you get your data from all depends on your business setup, but all good HR functions should have this data readily available. One last point, if the business is of a certain size to need to advertise internal jobs I would highly recommend you split out internal and external attrition separately as this can provide some valuable insight. Doug